We have a capability to develop and mass produce any plastic product. These are technical, medical, automotive products, housing and body parts, toys and many others.


Medical Products

1 контейнерToday nо modern laboratory is complete without laboratory plastic.
ln this section we suggest you to familiarize yourself with the new products of our production - medical products made of polymer materials. Main products саn also bе found оn this website.


Polypropylene containers

ПродукцияWe offer polypropylene containers for packaging, transportation and storage of food products (preserves, meat semi-finished products, honey, pickles, fats and mayonnaise), products of the chemical and paint industry, as well as domestic applications.
Products passed hygienic registration in the Republic of Belarus and the Customs Union.


Products for refrigerators and washing machines

Photo by www.potashnikov.comWe produce products for the Atlant plant. These are composite plastic products for refrigerators and washing machines. We have many years of experience in close cooperation and successful mutual relations, mutual assistance.



Electrical Products

We produce various electrical products. These are heat-shrinkable sleeves, саblе terminations, boxes and components of various blocks.

Optics - accessories and related products

There is an experience in casting components for optical instruments: housings of binoculars, night vision devices and much more.


Toys and related products

We make various toys, from usual to educational - cubes, mosaics and etc.





Cosmetics - jars and caps

Peripherals for cosmetic industries. Jars, lids, various containers. Ready to make any order.
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Без имени-24We produce various types of stationery: office baskets and paper buckets, trays for storing documentation and paper storage devices (horizontal trays, vertical trays), stationery writing sets, calendar holders, rulers, triangles, protractors, school pencil cases, paper holders, pointers, counting sticks, glass for spilling, boxes for watercolors and other stationery.


Products for the automotive industry

We have extensive experience in molds making, followed by parts serial injection for automotive industry. These
are elements of fuel equipment and parts of external components.
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